At the airport

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My holidays in Rome

Hi Carla,
I and my friends are going to Rome tomorrow. We are going to Rome in plane. First, we are going to the Coliseum. There, we are going see an amphitheater that was used for nearly 500 years. Then, we are going to see La Fontana di Trevi.

After, we are going to walk by Rome several hours. Finally, we are going to having dinner and we are going to see Rome to night. I have looking forward to tomorrow!


Stranger animal : Tarsius tarsier

They are primates. They have enormous eyes, elongated feet and small body. They are insectivorous (though sometimes they eat snakes and birds) and nocturnes and in many of the regions where they live they were considering them to be demons. His habitat has met very limited and nowadays it is restricted to the Asian Southeast, The Philippines, Celebes, Borneo, and Sumatra. They are in danger and when they have captured them, have hurt themselves and even killed, victims of the stress. In some of his areas of distribution they areconsidered to be animals of evil omen and even a bit "diabolical".

European Robin (petirrojo)

It's scientific name is Erithacus rubecula but is known as the European Robin. It measures 14 cm and lives Europe.The European Robin is the chest and face red with gray body. The red spot breast of this bird is threatened, made a series of dances with it's red breast that prevents many fights. It has a small beak. It's a beautiful and small bird.

The ducks are a beautiful animals. They have got a beak, two legs and two wings. Their feathers can be of many colours, but normally the colours are dark. You want know when a duck is male or female? A duck is male when his colours are green, black, white... But is female when her colours only are black and brown. The ducks aren´t hunters and they don´t kill  other animals, all the people think that the ducks are useless, but this isn´t true. The ducks can live in the water, on the land and they can fly. The ducks are interesting animals!