Stranger animal : Tarsius tarsier

They are primates. They have enormous eyes, elongated feet and small body. They are insectivorous (though sometimes they eat snakes and birds) and nocturnes and in many of the regions where they live they were considering them to be demons. His habitat has met very limited and nowadays it is restricted to the Asian Southeast, The Philippines, Celebes, Borneo, and Sumatra. They are in danger and when they have captured them, have hurt themselves and even killed, victims of the stress. In some of his areas of distribution they areconsidered to be animals of evil omen and even a bit "diabolical".


Marga Alfonso said...

Hi, Aarón!
Good job! but could you change the title from 'SrtangeR' to just 'Strange' (as you're not comparing it to any other animals) or 'The strangest' animal?
That's a funny little animal you've chosen!